sabato 5 marzo 2016

My last day... :-(

It's my last day... so sorry!!!
I would stay here at least other two weeks (maybe more) but I can't... :-(
Yesterday evening I went to a pub with two Japanese guys. It was a wonderful evening, but a little sad...

That's all folks!
See you next week

lunedì 29 febbraio 2016

A beautiful weekend

Hi everyone!
   I've just spent a beautiful weekend in London and Oxford, and unfortunately the second week has already started... In London I visited almost one place: the National Gallery. It has so many paintings that it's too hard to visit the whole gallery in one day! Anyway I was able to find the time to visit something else: Piccadilly Circus, China Town, Harrods...
Today I have had my first lesson of the week and have also known a new nice teacher.

Talk you!

P.S.: it would be better if you'll comment this post, and not always the first one... :D

lunedì 22 febbraio 2016

My first day

Hi everybody!
I have just come back from Oxford. I have visited the Christ Church, wich is both a college (the most important in Oxford) and a cathedral. Then I have also visited the centre of the city: it's really nice.
This morning I had my assessment test and I have been placed in a class with other seven students. They're almost all younger than me... Tomorrow will be harder because I'll have lessons both on morning and on afternoon.

Let's keep in touch!

lunedì 15 febbraio 2016

Ciao a tutti!

Hi there!
   This is my first post.
There is less than a week to my departure, and I'm a little excited (and maybe also a little thrilled...).
Obviously I REQUIRE a lot of replies to my posts, above all when I'll be there, or I'll feel lonely... :'(

Talk to you soon!